Professional Network Connects Women New to NEO

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“Midwesterners have a reputation as friendly people eager to help, and NEO is no different. Many newcomers to our region are pleasantly surprised at how open & inviting the community is, especially when trying to connect with their peers.”
-Margy Judd, President and Owner – Executive Arrangements, Inc.

Residents and organizations, alike, happily welcome newcomers to the region.  Executive Arrangements is a firm that companies hire to assist in recruiting executive and other hard-to-recruit positions. The group hosts networking and social gathers for women who are new to Northeast Ohio region. To learn more about Executive Arrangements, read this.

In June, Executive Arrangements hosted almost 40 women at my home in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood.

In June, Executive Arrangements hosted almost 40 women  in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood.

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For those not recruited here by a firm like Executive Arrangements, there are many other ways to integrate, for women and men, starting with following Cleveland Plus on social media and signing up for our e-newsletter, Pass the Plus.