Fun and Festive Activities for the Family this Fall

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Ready or not, Fall is here in Northeast Ohio!

All the signs of the season are abound, but where should you start when you want to have a festive time suitable for the entire family?

Here’s a guide to finding fun in the region featuring some of our favorite Fall-inspired activities…

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As the rule goes, all things apple before all things pumpkin, so don’t think you have to wait until September 22nd to fully embrace this favorite Fall food. Certain varieties of apples come in season while summer is still in season, so make plans to return to an apple orchard more than once in the coming few months. Bountiful options include:


Get lost – no, literally – in a local corn maze! No matter your age, it’s a great way to feel fully embraced in the season, even if you can’t find your way the entire time. Grab a buddy (just in case you need help you find the exit!) and head to one of these mazes in the area:


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I visited my first pumpkin patch last Fall and swore I would make it an annual tradition to pick my own pumpkin! Just remember: the bigger the pumpkin, the more you have to carry back from the pumpkin field! Find the perfect base for your jack-o-lantern at:



One of the benefits of experiencing Autumn in Northeast Ohio is our chance to watch the changing of the leaves. There are so many ways to see the many colors, but here are a few of my favorite ways:


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You say the teenagers (and the “big kids”) in your life are looking for something livelier when it comes to Fall entertainment. Why not get spooked and check out a local haunted house? It will be a terrifyingly good time! Options include:


Can’t pick just one Fall favorite activity? Visit a local Fall Fest and get them all under one roof! There are many taking place in the Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown areas – attend one of these or find another one that catches your eye!